With a little help from our friends

Stuck at home? Bored and restless? Kids driving you crazy?

We feel you. But it could be so much worse. You could get sick. Or you could get someone you’ve never even met sick.

Many of our friends who own or work in small businesses will feel the pain of this isolation so much more than most of us will.

We’ll be checking in with you periodically and letting you know what events are cancelled and what’s been re-scheduled. Make sure you bookmark the site, sign-up to follow by email, or join us on your favorite social media platform (look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

In the meantime we’ve collected a few links you may find helpful over the next few days or weeks.

Most importantly: please follow the local guidelines for distancing, don’t gather in large groups, and no matter how many times you’ve already washed your hands, keep on washing!

Do you have any other tips or resources you’d like to share? Comment on this post or let us know on Facebook!