Meet the Band

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Tom Arbisi: Lead vocals, guitar

After watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show at the age of 9, Tom knew then he wanted to be a Beatle. He taught himself the guitar, and listened to every Beatles record he could get hold of. He learned how to sing each of the Beatles’ parts. Getting older, he’s always had his own Beatles band, starting with the Glass Onion Band and ending up as the Acoustic Onion.

Tim Garrett: Lead guitar, vocals

Tim Garrett is originally from Louisiana, but has lived in Fredericksburg since 1992. He started playing guitar in middle school and was in local bands until marriage and children sidetracked his rock stardom. In the early 2000s he began attending some open mics and jams, formed a band, The Culprits, and got out on the local music scene. When that band broke up, Tim answered a Craigslist ad seeking someone who could “play acoustic guitar, sing harmony and likes The Beatles.” That ad paired Tim with Tom Arbisi and was the start of The Acoustic Onion.

Doug Ebert: Guitar, vocals

West Virginia native Douglas Ebert took piano lessons, beat the drums, and even thumbed the bass, but that all went out the window when he learned some guitar chords Christmas of 1976. After working in bar bands during high school, in the 1990s he traveled the country with the acoustic duo Not by Chance.

Paul Frields: Bass, vocals

Paul is a musician since grade school and took up bass in college 30 years ago. He's worked with cover acts, original bands, and boutique singer/songwriters in DC and northern Virginia. His résumé includes Laura Tsaggaris, Leah Morgan, Steve McWilliams, Patrick Green and the Blues Buckets, and more. He writes and records original material, and occasionally engineers and produces for other artists at Fifth Dominion Studios. You can read more at his personal website.

Tom Ansink: Drums

Tom Ansink began playing music in elementary school, beginning with guitar, then the bass. Then in junior high school he found himself behind a drum kit, playing all styles of music, from country to Motown, everywhere from sock hops to shopping mall grand openings. He and Tom Arbisi attended the same high school and even have side-by-side yearbook photos.

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