History of The Acoustic Onion (About Us)

The Acoustic Onion began life as The Glass Onion Band. The Glass Onion was an all-electric outfit with founder Tom Arbisi at the helm for several years. But then in 2013, Tom and Tim Garrett met through a CraigsList ad and started playing as The Acoustic Onion on Thursday nights at Tru-Luv’s Restaurant on Sophia Street in Fredericksburg, Virginia. After a couple years, Dave Guzman joined on bass and vocals, which gave the band three-part harmonies along with some bottom end. Shortly thereafter, Tom Ansink showed up with a drum kit, rounding out the band’s first iteration with some groove and finesse.

The Acoustic Onion Band went on to immediate renown in the area, picking up a heavy gig schedule, multiple residencies at prestigious venues, and awards that included Finalist status in the Free Lance-Star’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Band.

In 2018 Dave Guzman recruited Paul Frields to take over his role so that he could give more time to VaMos. When Tom Ansink likewise decided to pack up for the Outer Banks, he anointed Dave Nichols heir to the throne (two Toms and one Dave minus one Tom and one Dave plus one Dave = one Tom and one Dave).

Just before Christmas 2018, Tom Arbisi had some medical issues, which forced him to step aside awhile. The local temp agency referred Douglas Ebert to fill his shoes (not that anyone can fill Tom’s shoes), and everybody had so much fun that we decided to keep Ebert on full-time even after Tom, who beat some really long odds, worked his way back.

Inspired by early rock legends of the 1960s and 1970s, the Acoustic Onion plays music we all grew up with and love. We’ll have you singing along, remembering great times from the past.