The Onion tunes up the squeeze box

Recently the band took to the stage at Strangeways Brewing FXBG. Of course, they brought their signature harmonies with the full band in attendance. Once the Acoustic Onion started, very few people left their seats all night. In fact, the brewery was reportedly so busy some patrons couldn’t even find parking at the overflow lot at Kloke next door.

We hope that won’t deter our friends and fans from trying again at a future show. (We are back at Strangeways July 6, but there are plenty of opportunities to catch us before then.)

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this video of our rousing rendition of The Who’s classic ode to… uh, concertinas. Ask your mom if you’re not sure.

At Strangeways Brewing Fredericksburg, April 13, 2019. From L to R: Dave Nichols, Paul Frields, Doug Ebert, Tim Garrett, and Tom Arbisi. (Video courtesy of Marissa Othon.)