When Tom fell under the weather last winter with numerous dates on the calendar, it sent the band reeling. They immediately began putting in long hours rehearsing and getting a set together. It was important to Tom that the band continue. While Tom convalesced, the band sometimes worked three or four nights a week in December and January, in pairs and trios sometimes, either at Tim’s house or Paul’s house. Tim and Doug worked separately on Thursdays to sort out which guitar was doing what, and as they gradually got up to speed on the existing repertoire, those Thursday afternoons evolved into “proof of concept” sessions, as Tim calls them, where they scouted new titles to see if they could cover the various parts before presenting them to the rest of the band at rehearsal. While these sessions started out simply enough, before long the two guitar players were nudging each other to try some more adventurous songs. And as you can see from last Saturday at Wilderness Run Winery, where they rolled out the latest proof of concept, they’re definitely getting more adventurous. What do you think?