Long ago, in a Galaxie 500 far, far astray, before the advent of social media or instant communication, bands booked themselves by going on little “booking benders.” Pick out a few spots, designate a driver, settle in at the bar, flirt with the bartenders, figure out who does the booking, see if you’re a good fit for their regulars, and try to get something on the calendar. You might be surprised at how useful those skills are 30 years after you used them last.

And of course it’s the venues, especially when the bands aren’t local, who take the risk. Bands put up posters. Send out reminders. We…well, we write blog posts.

First Fridays have gone reasonably well at Buffalo Mo’s so far, we think, and we’ll talk to them this weekend about continuing that trend indefinitely. Fingers crossed! If you’re anywhere near 610 in North Stafford tomorrow night, come out and see us.

Saturday we’re first-timers at Sinistral Brewing in Manassas. What a great spot there on Main Street. A little off our worn track, but the staff is very enthusiastic, the vibe is so laid-back, and so we’re hoping some of you will venture out and mingle with their regulars there.

And just to make it all a little more interesting, we put in three new titles last rehearsal.

Come out and find a new haunt and support local live music if your weekend schedule allows.

All the best from all of us.