A Visit from Old Beats Nick

Twas the end of the Season
and a new one grew near
so the band had a reason
to look back on the year

It was just last December
that Doug got his start
for as I’m sure you remember
Tom broke his own heart

As a fresh New Year dawned
we stayed true to the pattern
1st Thursdays belonged
to Colonial Tavern

3rd Fridays were great
and the Beat could be heard
as the Onion band played
La Petite bonne Auberge

Soon Tom came back stronger
than ever before
he would sing and sing longer
then he’d sing a bit more

Strangeways, Bastille Day
6 Bears and a Goat
Pizza Palooza
and Buffalo Mo’s

Now both Tom and Doug sing
as do Tim and sir Paul
with Tom Ansink returning
to play drums with them all

Waters End and Adventure
Wilderness Run
and Sinistral…ventures all
brewing up fun

to Park Land Porch Fest
Market Square in the sun
the Library Steps
we’re a Band on the Run!

As the holidays glisten
with a new year in sight
we will all who have listened
a great Hard Days Night!

Tim Garrett

See you all next week at the Colonial Tavern for Beatles Night!